Helden Whisky Cask Matured Coffee - Helden Distillery
Helden Whisky Cask Matured Coffee - Helden Distillery

Helden Whisky Cask Matured Coffee

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Whisky & Coffee – the perfect match!
This very Limited Release of 100% Whisky Cask matured Coffee is a collaboration with Common Ground Coffees.

The Tanzania green coffee beans were stored in a 100 litre whisky barrel for six months. This resulted in the beans absorbing the heady aromas and flavours of the spirit itself and the smoothness of the first fill of Helden African Bonfire Whisky spirit, made from malted sorghum.

The charred cask is made from refurbished French oak red wine barrels with hand treated indigenous Camel Thorn wood inserts. The African Bonfire whisky is characterized by complex sweet spices, raisins and cranberries. It has a full and long aftertaste.

Once expertly roasted, the spirit flavours combine with those of the Tanzania coffee beans and develop a unique depth, with a rum-like aroma, light body and remarkable acidity. A medium roast is applied to keep the delicious flavours inside the coffee beans. Although it may feel like you’re sipping a whisky, all alcohol absorbed during the maturation is baked off in the roasting process.

This is one of the most distinctive coffees you will ever drink. To optimally enjoy the flavours, we recommend a French Press brewing method.

Taste the luxury and indulge yourself (or a friend) to enjoy this sweet African Bushveld experience.

Sold in 250g bags, only in whole bean to maintain the rich coffee flavours. Limited edition: Only 80 bags produced! Freshly roasted per order.